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Honey & Almond Facial Scrub: skin food part 2

It’s hard to feel in top form when we are horsing into junk food several times a day. Like a two-faced friend, junk food lures you in and then stabs you in the back. Dammit!

It’s also hard to look healthy when our skin’s diet is largely made up of synthetic, lab-created shite. You don’t need to be an evangelist to appreciate that skincare ‘junk’ trips us up equally as fast as its cousin – junk food.

Beauty is not trout pout. It is not flawless glowing skin. It is not 4-inch lashes. Beauty is feeling and looking good for your age. Real beauty is rude health. When you nail health, it undeniably radiates from your eyes. Sophia Lauren believes that sex appeal is fifty per cent of what you have, and fifty per cent of what you think you have. I like that. (Ironically in Ireland, most women think they have big arses and double chins so it may not quite translate, but I do admire her original sentiment).

The secret to a sexy sheen is to (a) have industrial amounts of nookie (b) in the absence of A, exfoliate twice a week. This recipe is designed to be used just before a bath or shower as it’s deliciously messy. Exfoliating will help lift dull skin and reveal the fresh, tighter underlayer. Magic.

Double bonus? Your newly acquired ‘fresh’ skin will absorb serums and botanicals much quicker, where dead skin cells simply block it. Awesome-sauce.




Face Exfoliator
For 1


2 tablespoons raw honey
1 tablespoon ground almonds


Mash the ground almonds into the honey with a fork. Lie down on your bed with a book or a podcast. Apply this honeyed lovebomb to clean skin as a mask for anything between 1 to 8 minutes.

Then gently rub in circular motions to increase blood flow to the skin, helping cellular renewal. Your derriere may need some buffing during the winter months too, when it’s locked up until Spring. Just saying. This is best done standing in the shower with the tap turned off.

Rinse with warm water and a muslin cloth. Repeat every week.




In other news, my final cookery demo for A Very Long Time is scheduled for Tuesday November 22 at the fabulous Avoca my friends. Will I see you there?



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