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Hi! I’m Susan Jane, wholefood chef, mother of two tornadoes, and author of three potty-mouthed cookbooks.

The Extra Virgin Kitchen was a No.1 bestseller in Ireland, while my second cookbook, The Virtuous Tart, won Cookbook of the Year. Score! My latest cookbook, Clever Batch, had readers going batch-it crazy during Lock Down.

All three books are available in bookstores across Ireland, England, USA, Canada, Australia and translated in Italian.

During my time as a student at Oxford University, I weaned an entire generation of students off anti-depressants, M&Ms and dodgy kebabs. Yup. I’ve been obsessed with optimising performance ever since.

Don’t worry. Flirting with wholefoods doesn’t involve neon leotards or cauliflower smoothies. No one should be threatened with that. So I write a weekly column for Ireland’s biggest newspaper, the Sunday Independent, to help you take the hell out of healthy.

My recipes also feature on Jamie Oliver’s YouTube channel  (just don’t read the comment section, mum).

What else? I married a cranky restaurant critic.  (No, really).






I want to thank some of my greatest food heroes in Ireland, the US and Canada who are helping me mouth off about my cookbooks. Dizzy with gratitude …


Donal Skehan, chef, author and TV presenter :

“Hilariously written, and filled with doable and exciting new recipes.”


Aine Carlin, author of The New Vegan :

“Incomparable (and hilarious), Susan Jane White is the mistress of all things healthy and sweet.”


Joanna Blythman, author and journalist at The Guardian :

“I can see why Susan Jane is a No 1 best seller in Ireland. Brilliant approach to wholefood shop ingredients. Such a practical book.”


Melissa Hemsley:

“Susan Jane has a special affinity for giving everyday foods a healthy and delicious boost.”

Imen McDonnell, Farmette :

“She is the best thing since iced tea!”


Amy Chaplin, author of At Home in the Wholefood Kitchen :

“Have you ever giggled your way though a recipe method? I hadn’t either until The Virtuous Tart landed in my kitchen. This cookbook is seriously the most fun you’ll ever have discovering and embracing a whole world of delicious wheat, dairy and refined sugar free treats, drinks and snacks.”

Laura Miller, Raw Vegan Not Gross :

“Susan Jane inspires with her beautiful and nourishing recipes that just so happen to also be packed with energy-boosting, body-healing nutrition – the kind of cookbook I’d want to pull from my shelf every week!”

Laura Wright, of the award-winning blog The First Mess :

“This beautiful book proves that you can truly have it all while still committing to your most vibrant and healthful self.”

Emma Galloway, My Darling Lemonthyme :

“Quirky, super fun food.”

Sonja Dahlgren, Dagmar’s Kitchen :

“Susan Jane’s passion is infectious. All of her recipes are so smashing delicious and wholesome at the same time … I love everything she whips up!”

Rachel Allen, chef, author & TV presenter:

“If anyone ever needed proof that super-healthy food makes a huge difference to your energy levels and vitality, then one look at the ever-effervescent Susan Jane would tell you everything you need to know.”

Beatrice Peltre, La Tartine Gourmande :

“Where Ireland meets California, with delicious food and entertaining prose.”

Victoria Smurfit, Hollywood actor :

“Eat like a pig, feel like a swan. Only SJ can manage that. Genius.”


A special announcement

Join me on Substack

Howdy! I’ll be deleting this website shortly. Gah! But please stay in touch – I so appreciate your loyalty and lovebombs.

You can continue to access my recipe drops over on Substack.  Hope to see you there, and to continue frolicking on this veggie-fueled dance floor.