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Eating out in Dublin: Alchemy

The food and drink at Alchemy Juice Co. on Grafton Street, Dublin 2, is beyond good. It’s extraordinary.

I am somewhat spectacularly biased having worked with Domini and Peaches Kemp on the menu. But their cabbage leaf rolls! Jayney Marys. Who could have thought a brassica could ever be that exciting? 

Or their cold-pressed carrot and turmeric juice with black pepper and flax oil? Outrageously tasty (I ache not having one beside me right now). Unexpected flavour bombs from such humble, raw ingredients.

You’ll need to make a pilgrimage through BT2s Grafton Street to access Alchemy (and close your eyes passing the sale rail at Cos). It’s worth every befuddled step. 


bounty bar brownies Alchemy menu


Feast your eyes on these Bounty Bar Brownies. They are exquisitely fudgie, dense and chocolatey but still free from dairy, wheat, gluten and cane sugar. Yep. I know. They’ve even got chia seed smuggled into them for extra brain ammo. Or their Coffee Bean Halva (below) made from ground sesame, date paste, raw cacao nibs and carob.

Everything on Alchemy’s menu is dedicated to nourishing your body and your taste buds. Domini, The Irish Time’s food columnist, is a committed disciple of the “food is medicine” mantra having battled cancer and chemo last year. Many of the recipes were, and still are, her personal artillery in fighting disease and resuscitating energy.


 coffee bean halva


“The menu’s been designed to appeal to all food religions ” says Domini, “or as least as many as we feel are relevant in today’s world. Veggie, vegan, coeliac, ketogenic, dairy free, sugar free, Paleo, low-carb… you are bound to find something your stomach can worship each day.” Doris Choi, NYC gal and goodness guru, helped design the juicing menu so you’ll be getting New York’s favourite flavours bottled here in Dublin.




Take a peak at the menu online, and scroll through the options. Discover Alchemy for yourself. Mail your mum.

It’s love like no other.



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  • Reply liz@lifedreaming October 24, 2014 at 2:28 pm

    Bought your cookbook today and haven’t stopped reading and raving about it.

    In July I decided that I needed to really clean up my eating patterns as I was consistently feeling depressed, exhausted, irritable and basically crappy.

    I started what I called my 60 day energy adventure and really became more conscious of what I ate and drank.

    Eliminating sugar, gluten, dairy wasn’t that hard and I adore vegetables and fish and fruit.

    I lost nearly 20 pounds, my skin glowed and my energy was off the scale – my moods evened out as well.

    In the last few weeks a few life challenges/adventures have arisen and I found myself drawn to junk food, cakes and wine – emotional eating at its academy award winning finest!

    And because my system had gotten really clean it reacted very unhappily to my slippery slide into crap eating – I couldn’t sleep for a raising heart and indigestion as well as feeling so irritable even my dog avoided me!

    I am back to where I want to be in terms of refocusing on the tasty healthy eating that I love.

    What was missing?

    I hadn’t been able to find a really good cookbook that did the whole sugar/gluten/dairy free gig – UNTIL TODAY.

    Googled, found you and now am reveling in delight as I go through the recipes AND cackle with laughter at your writing.

    Thanks so much for creating this recipe book – it’s going to be the jewel in the crown of my eating and cooking inspiration.

    You’ve made a real difference.


    • Reply Susan Jane October 29, 2014 at 8:17 pm

      Liz that is a stonking good letter to receive on my holliers, thank you! It was so generous of you to take the time to write to me.

      I wrote the book for you.

      Wishing your pots and pans serious amounts of fun and fulfillment.


  • Reply Kay October 25, 2014 at 9:12 am

    Thanks for the info on Alchemy Juice Co. Enjoying a really tasty muffin and utterly delicious concoction of green juice flavoured with mint and ginger. Wow. 

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