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Breakfast, Vegan &/or Raw

White Chocolate Porridge

Cacao sounds like a verb. Something you do to someone when they tamper with your temper.

Ka-Kow! It also sounds like a magical spell, which is exactly what cacao does to porridge.

Cacao butter is going to take your porridge to a whole new level – that’s why we call this recipe The Elevator.

Curiously, cacao butter is creamy and pale. If you close your eyes and smell it, you’d never guess it wasn’t chocolate. You see, cacao butter is responsible for All Things Chocolatey. That’s right. This ingredient owns you.



Like all butters, cacao fat is damn delicious and leaves your palate purring for more. But a little goes a long way. We now know that moderate amounts of good fats form an integral part of our health – avocados, unsalted nuts, olive oil, egg yolks. Cheap, bastardised fats in convenience products and confectionery, will often brutalize your waistline and your arteries.

Find the unadulterated raw form of cacao butter in health shops and Supervalu stores nationwide. It’s not housed in the refrigerated area – look instead for the superfood shelf made for savvy shoppers like you.



White chocolate porridge

Serves 1


1 tablespoons raw cacao butter, roughly shaved

120ml (1/2 cup) preferred form of milk

4 tablespoons oat flakes

Pinch of flaky sea salt


Pistachios and raw honey, to serve



I bet you have a particular way of cooking porridge, attentive to your own neuroses. Me too! This recipe will work, whichever way you choose to cook it.

For everyone else, I recommend bringing the cacao butter and your preferred milk to a gentle heat, below simmering point. Then add the oats, the flaky salt and cook for 5 minutes until the oats expand. Try not to let the pot boil, burning the taste of the milk.

Serve with great big globs of whipped or set honey and a cup of Early Grey.



Some crazy-ass news?

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Namaste my friends. 




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      I won’t thank you for that. (Weeping. SOBBING. Nothing will ever be the same again. Pah!) SJ

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