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Fermentation Station

Given the continuation of social distancing, cabbage may be the closest thing we’ll get to a massage this season. So let’s get funky!

Lacto-fermented foods such as the sauerkraut pictured above will help feed the good bacteria in our mini metropolis. At any one time, our gut contains 1kg-2kg of bacteria. This is our microbiota – an inner dynasty where the good guys are constantly trying to crowd out the nasty challengers.

If you’re suffering from chronic constipation, bloating or industrial gas, your gut ain’t happy. And neither are you. The great news is that you can do something about it. Fermentation Station is here to help.

We’re going to start pimping our pipes with fermented foods like those listed below to help restore the little ecosystem inside our gut. Listed below are 4 easy ferments for beginners (and great reminders for the seasoned fermentalist!) The recipes will be available for a limited time free of charge over on (but indefinitely if you’re already a subscriber, with access to my back catalogue of Sunday columns horrah!)

(1) Basic sauerkraut

(2) Turmeric-spiked kraut

(3) Fermented fennel

(4) Beginner’s kimchi

(5) Pineapple & ginger kraut (I’ll be making this live on TV this Friday, Virgin Media: Six O’Clock Show)

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Join me on Substack

Howdy! I’ll be deleting this website shortly. Gah! But please stay in touch – I so appreciate your loyalty and lovebombs.

You can continue to access my recipe drops over on Substack.  Hope to see you there, and to continue frolicking on this veggie-fueled dance floor.