Join me on Substack! I’ll be deleting this website shortly but you can continue to access my recipe drops over on Substack. Hope to see you there!


2nd Edition released this week

Hi folks!

The 2nd print run of The Extra Virgin Kitchen has arrived, with a snazzy new “Best Selling” logo. I am immodestly giddy and gobsmacked that the first print run sold out in 4 weeks.

Thank you for your crazy levels of support!


To celebrate, my publishers Gill & Macmillan are offering 20% off the book this week and free delivery in Ireland and England. For less than the price of a leg wax, you’ll have the book in your hands!


To avail of the offer, you will need to enter the following coupon code when prompted:



Please feel free to pass the code to your loved ones. Have a good week!

Susan Jane, Your Local Nut*


* Nutritional Cook




photography Kip Carroll for The Sunday Independent

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A special announcement

Join me on Substack

Howdy! I’ll be deleting this website shortly. Gah! But please stay in touch – I so appreciate your loyalty and lovebombs.

You can continue to access my recipe drops over on Substack.  Hope to see you there, and to continue frolicking on this veggie-fueled dance floor.