Join me on Substack! I’ll be deleting this website shortly but you can continue to access my recipe drops over on Substack. Hope to see you there!

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Midweek Vegetarian Meals

Hello friends!

Will I see you in my home kitchen on November 16?

I’m holding a veggie-powered Zoom cookery class, to help us eat more plants and less meat.

Tickets on sale now! (To secure your place, you can click this link).

For €36, you’ll get two cookery demos with a focus on troubleshooting in the second session held on Nov 23; an interactive Q&A; a snazzy PDF of my favourite midweek vegetarian meals to get practicing; and guest appearances from random unscheduled children or pets.

Hope to see you there! Come and join me!

Love and peas,

Susan Jane


Zoom Cookery Class, Oct 16th

Hello crew!

As promised, you have first dibs on the extra cookery class I scheduled on “Healthy Kids.” The last one sold out in 4 hours, before adding an extra 10 places. So here it is!

Tickets *officially* go on sale tomorrow, but you have access to purchase tickets today.

Hope to see you there, and to welcome you into my home.

Love and peas,

Susan Jane

Photos by Ruth Calder-Potts

New Cookbook, Clever Batch


This cookbook chronicles the skill-set I have learned in the kitchen as a financially squeezed, time-pressured mum. Batch cooking has opened up a whole new world for me; a world without kitchen cuffs, wailing children, superfood sonatas or pans to scrub.

Care to join me there?

Lots of tips to put the ease back into freeze

As an under-caffeinated, financially cramped, time pinched mum, my kitchen management needed re-evaluation. Sometimes I got it right. But most evenings I felt like a Winegum in a combine harvester. Being short on time, money and patience, I had a problem.

I wanted to cook badass nourishing meals but I didn’t want to cook every single night. I wanted to reduce the honking stress at 6pm in our home. I wanted to spend less time in the grocery store looking for arcane ingredients. And I wanted to spend more time at home, high-fiving my genius. I didn’t need another freaking meditation app. What I needed was to get through the month without maxing my Visa or adrenal glands.

So these days, my freezer plays an Oscar-worthy role.

You can grab your copy in bookstores nationwide, or home delivery outside Ireland with Amazon.

A special announcement

Join me on Substack

Howdy! I’ll be deleting this website shortly. Gah! But please stay in touch – I so appreciate your loyalty and lovebombs.

You can continue to access my recipe drops over on Substack.  Hope to see you there, and to continue frolicking on this veggie-fueled dance floor.