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Self love & No-Bake Brownie Bites

Right! Valentine’s Day needs re evaluation. From now on, I’m going to see it as an opportunity to pour some TLC on my booty. Am I treating me right? Am I giving my body what it needs? How do I celebrate my body and keep it happy? What am I ignoring? What path am I on? Who or what supports me on that path? What can I leave behind?

With this in mind, no-bake brownies feel like the right place to start… “To me, with love from me.”

Followed by a meditation on gratitude. And a good hiding place.

4 tablespoons cacao powder

2 cups walnuts (240g)

15 Medjool dates, stones removed

Splash of espresso or maple syrup (optional)

100g dark chocolate, melted

Flaky sea salt, to tickle

Blitz your cacao powder with the walnuts, until it resembles something like breadcrumbs.

Pop the Medjool dates into the shoot of your food processor, one by one, until a dough ball clumps together. I find a splash of maple syrup or espresso helps.

Line a large bread tin with parchment paper and scoop the brownie mix into it, smoothing with a spoon. I like to use another sheet of parchment on top, to press down the mixture with my fingers. Freeze for 25 minutes, then cut into squares.

Drop into melted chocolate straight from frozen. This makes considerably less mess, as the cold temperature helps to set the chocolate immediately. Tickle with flaky sea salt, and fancy edible rose petals. I buy my walnuts in bulk from zero-plastic stores here or here, but you can also get tiny amounts of stuff in these bulk stores such as rose petals. Delivery nation-wide. Score!

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You can continue to access my recipe drops over on Substack.  Hope to see you there, and to continue frolicking on this veggie-fueled dance floor.