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“Susan Jane White is Caitlin Moran, Nigella and Jesus put through a Vitamix and left to rest until chilled.”       – Daisy Wood-Davis, British Actress



The Virtuous Tart

People want 3 things in life; (1) to be happy (2) to be healthy (3) to be rich.

So, I can’t make you rich, but 2 out of 3 ain’t bad! This dessert & snacks book is about turning your pesky sugar cravings into a nutritional hit. It’s about taking the hell out of healthy. I want you to buzz with every crunch and crumb.

The Virtuous Tart is available in all major bookstores across the Italy, the UK, USA and Ireland (if my mother hasn’t bought them all up, that is). Here are some online options: 


(USA & Canada)  Independent bookstores or Barnes & Noble or

(UK & Europe)

(Ireland)  Gill Books

(International delivery)  Book Depository




The Extra Virgin Kitchen / Tasty.Naughty.Healthy.Nice.

We eat about 5 times a day. That’s over 1800 opportunities you have each year to positively affect your mood and your motor. 

Every bite we eat either feeds disease, or fights it. This book is a great place to start.

Contained within are 140 recipes, 111 of which are naturally vegan-friendly. 135 recipes are gluten-free. And 3 are very rude.



I know what you’re thinking. No wheat? No cane sugar? No dairy? What’s Left?!?

This book is far from restrictive. There is a whole world of fabulous ingredients to play with, ingredients that we’re not exposed to when we’re too busy on the wheat-sugar-dairy circuit. And they are positively divine.

I’m inviting you into this world of new ingredients.

Available in all good bookstores across America, Italy, Ireland and Britain, plus the following international outlets:



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USA & Canada under a different title “Tasty Naughty Healthy Nice”


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