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Superfast Superfood

I understand. You want breakfast in 20 seconds. So do I.

Pukka do a powder called Vitalise screaming with salubrious fruit and veg – the ones we don’t get enough of like sprouted broccoli, seaweed, turmeric and beetroot. 22 different fruit, veg, herbs and seaweed. That’s hardcore. And fantastic. Vitalise comes in 135g and lasts a couple of months in our fridge. It’s the sort of stuff that makes you healthier simply by looking at it.

And it tastes good.

Yer man says it’s just like Fruits of the Forest flavour. And the littlest ones think it’s a Peppa Pig milkshake.

You can order it online from Pukka Herbs. 135g is about 34 portions. Vitalise is available in 4g sachets in health stores and pharmacies too, but this works out pretty expensive. I sprinkled my bowl with probiotic powder in the photo instead of icing sugar.

1-2 teaspoons Pukka Vitalise

1 cup’s worth natural soya yoghurt

Maple syrup or whatever you fancy

A few berries


1. Throw it all together – make Paul Daniels proud.

2. Fix your halo, and off you go. It’s gonna be a good day.

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